Appetite, I Hardly Know Her (Pt. 2)

A brief mind-map of the etiology of the anorexia of aging. Figure was altered from its original format found in reference #9
Ghrelin and leptin serve as the main controllers of the orexigenic and anorectic pathways respectively. The orexigenic pathway in the ARC (AgRP neurons) are stimulated by ghrelin. The anorectic pathway in the ARC (POMC neurons) are stimulated by leptin. Activation of the anorectic pathway suppresses appetite, whereas, activation of the orexigenic pathway de-supresses appetite through second-order neurons. This figure is from reference #9
CNA= Certified Nursing Assistant (depending on the floor of the nursing home, the day of the week, and the meal, the number of CNA’s per meal varied widely, and it definitely was evident in the food intake of the residents).
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