Are you Calling me a Liar? Well, I Ain’t Calling you a Truther

Adam Plotkin
3 min readJul 2, 2021


The food industry has lost its damn mind!

If any of you shop at big box grocers I am sure you have heard of this company called “JUST EGG.” They claim to be this wholesome brand aimed at giving the consumer quality foods with quality ingredients. To the average consumer, their marketing draws you in and makes you believe that their product is the healthiest thing you can eat on this planet. Literally, this could not be further from the truth.

To save time, if you are still reading, take a quick second to go check out their website. I am blown away by how sleek, innovative, and just flashy this website is. At first glance, I really thought this company would be the next big thing in health foods. But then I started to dig.

Their company is literally called “JUST EGG” and they claim to have all-natural ingredients. So at most, in their products I would expect eggs to be the 1st ingredient listed, and then maybe there would be <5 other ingredients in their dishes. Boy was I wrong.

Let’s look at their sous vide egg bites, shall we:

So first off, the name is just straight deceptive. At the top in small print it reads (Made from plants). Therefore, Breaking News, the company called “JUST EGG” will not even have any eggs in their products. WOW.

Second, it says that this product is inspired by America, and it lists some incredible ingredients such as roasted potato, dill, chives, red bell pepper, and black pepper. If you gave me a product with those 5 ingredients and added a whole-foods based protein source, I would be quite happy. But let’s see what is actually in this product:


You are also looking at 9g of protein per 200 cals. For comparison, one large egg has about 75 cals, quality fats, and 7g of protein. So you could eat almost 3 eggs for the same caloric load, and get >2x the protein (keep you more full and help your muscles!). And let’s be honest. These are small little bites, so nobody is going to stop at the serving size of 2, but will instead have the whole pack which equates to 400 cals and 18g of protein. Again, in comparison, we could get 5 whole eggs here, for 35g of protein at around the same caloric value.

So what’s the take home message here: The front of the label can say whatever it wants. It is all a marketing ploy…a cool label that promises fresh, whole, and quality ingredients is what brings in the average consumer. But, if you have made it this far, you are not an average consumer, and you are smart enough to turn that label around and see what is truly in the product. I am outraged that a company called “JUST EGG” has a product that actually contains 49 ingredients…and not a single one of them is in fact an egg.



Adam Plotkin

Post-Baccalaureate research assistant in the Molecular and Clinical Nutrition Lab at the National Institutes of Health